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WhatsApp Video Call Feature Is Officially Coming On Board Soon

WhatsApp Video Call Feature Is Officially Coming On Board Soon
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So yes, WhatsApp has been pushing out quite a handful of updates over the last few weeks which tend to make the very popular mobile messaging app more interesting.

From end-to-end encryption security technology to being able to bold, italic and strike-through messages on WhatsApp, the app is no doubt, gaining more grounds.

Few months back, there were talks that video calling feature may be coming to the messaging app soon. While it was earlier suggested that the news be taken with a pinch of salt, new reports seem to prove that truly, video calling feature is coming to WhatsApp.

whatsapp video calling feature

As seen in the image above, there is a video icon added to the top of the contact’s chat window. The feature is currently in beta (testing) stage and should hopefully be available in a few days from now.

So far, there isn’t any information has to whether users would have to be invited before being able to use the video calling feature in sequence to the voice calling feature when that was newly launched.

Before now, Facebook Messenger and Skype has been the most used apps for video calling. It’d be very much interesting to have that same feature on the world’s most popular messaging app.

Another feature I foresee coming to WhatsApp soon would be the group call feature. That was recently rolled over on the messenger app and I won’t be surprised to have same feature being introduced on WhatsApp.

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posted by Kosi @ Sun-05-16


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