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Best Way to Protect Your Android Device Using VPN

Best Way to Protect Your Android Device Using VPN
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   If you’re using an Android device in your everyday life, know that that is but one in 1.4 billion devices that are currently active on the planet.

It’s a mind boggling number that is only growing with each passing day, but with so many people using Android,

we can’t help but wonder how it affects the dark side of this picture.


Android security has always been somewhat of a burning question and it will continue to be so,

seeing that the number of users only continues to grow.

The main question is – can we make our smartphones and tablets strong enough, so that nothing can threaten our online security?

Thus far there aren’t all-encompassing solutions in sight, but there are other possibilities that we can consider when it comes to the protection of our privacy.

We’ll look into the role of virtual private networks in the scheme of things and how it can help us in improving our internet security.

What Does VPN Do For Your Android Privacy?

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are our greatest helper when it comes to protecting our Android devices and ourselves from any and every form of surveillance and track on the World Wide Web.

The dangers don’t only come from cybercriminals anymore – the level of surveillance on the webis quite frankly terrifying and somebody getting a hold of your personal information has become very easy.

VPN is a service that keeps our privacy in check by encrypting everything that comes out of our Android device. This means that, if you use VPN every time you access the internet, all activity coming from you will be hidden and anyone trying to follow you will get nothing but a load of gibberish instead of expected private information.

Seeing that someone tracking you can have serious consequences both on your physical and virtual personality, the best thing you can do to prevent this situation from ever happening is installing a VPN on your Android. It allows you to not only secure your privacy,

but also be safer from spyware that steals your personal information and can lead to identity theft.

One thing that we should note is that there are many VPN companies to choose from and some are better than others.

It would be wise to determine what exactly you need out of your virtual private network and decide accordingly and as for us, we can recommend Nord VPN as one of the good examples of VPN providers that deliver what they’ve promised and don’t tiptoe around their privacy policy.

Additional VPN Features for Android

So much of what we are and what we do is connected to our mobile devices and there’s no arguing about. However, our habits to live through our phones can be hazardous if we don’t take proper care of our security.


If you don’t like the idea of somebody following you every time you walk on the street, then you certainly don’t like somebody prying through your search history or gods forbid social media accounts.

Using VPN frequently on your devices allows you to mask your IP address, so that you can’t be geo-located that easily and what’s more, your IP will actually be transported to another country of your choosing via VPN servers. This means that you get to shed the identity that comes with the IP address and adopt a new one wherever you want on the planet.

This perk also enables you to share and download files freely (yes, that means torrents as well) without being compromised in any way.

One of the best things that come with virtual private network is the fact that geo-blocking virtually doesn’t exist anymore and you can access any content and any program without being slowed down by your country of residence.

Don’t worry, because you’re not breaking any laws and VPN is a completely legal service that you can use to your liking.


Finally, public networks won’t be a security issue for your Android device anymore when you’re using VPN. Public Wi-Fi, though more than welcome in situations when internet is scarce, is a nesting place of malware and H@ckers just waiting for their next unsuspecting victim.

VPN allows you to create a sort of a force field within the Wi-Fi, so that you can use it but you can’t be harmed by the villains in any way.

Final Words

Having a virtual private network on your Android device grants you more protection than most other Android users have, which is a great place to be at.

You have a responsibility to keep every aspect of your internet security under control and VPN allows you to do just that.

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posted by Kosi @ Fri-01-17


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