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Facebook Live feature now officially available to Nigerians, maybe Africans in General

Facebook Live feature now officially available to Nigerians, maybe Africans in General
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Facebook live feature has been around for a while now. Those in the United States have been rocking it and recently, Facebook made the feature available to some other regions excluding Nigeria.

Although recently, we devised a trick in being able to use the live feature despite, Facebook has officially made the Live feature available to Nigerians. Maybe Africans in General.

facebook live feature available to Nigerians

Logging into your Facebook account and choosing to update your status now brings the Go Live option with an indication stating it’s a new feature as seen in the image above.

With this, you don’t need any third party app. Of course, you can opt it for MSQRD if you wish to add some filters to your live video.

If you are a Nigerian and you can’t find the Go Live option when you tap on the what’s on your mind tab, you may have to perhaps, update the Facebook app. In my case and that of others I know, an update wasn’t necessary though.

So, there you have it guys. Maybe, just maybe, PayPal might consider giving us the chance to receive payments via our account as Facebook has finally given us the ability to Go Live via the app.

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posted by Kosi @ Sun-08-16


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